Archon's Flagship Edit

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Ark Paarchero Edit

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Duiononasa Edit

Duiononasa is the third planet orbiting the star Tafeno.

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Pas-65 Edit

Pas-65 is the first planet orbiting the star Tafeno.

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Salarian Escape Pod Edit

Identification: AI-023 Escape Pod
Assigned to: Ark Paarchero
Status: Inactive, no signs of occupation
Comm channels: Set to full broadcast

This escape pod is empty, but broadcasting "DO NOT RESCUE" across multiple frequencies and languages.

Awards +50 Rd icon milkyway orange when scanned.

Terminal Entry Edit

After discovering the Salarian Escape Pod, a terminal entry will be available for Ryder to read.

Salarian Escape Pod Logs
To: Ryder
From: SAM Node (Auto-generated Text Entry)

[Pathfinder: I have reconstructed the deciphered logs from the salarian escape pod into a viewable format. Their severe degradation has left gaps that I have attempted to fill where possible, but some data is irretrievable. SAM]

Log 002 Launched just in time… at the first sign of that alien dreadnought. Grabbed all my terrariums as well. Can't leave six hundred years of plant growth …mercies of some invader!

Log 013 Day of …bored enough for …must have grabbed something with my terrariums. It's that plant sample one of the early scouts brought back. …at least breeding a Heleus-Milky Way hybrid plant is something to do while I wait?

Log 029 …faster. Maybe six hundred years of cosmic radiation …quite remarkable! …new hybrid buds are a welcome distraction from…

Log 035 …must have forgotten to seal the terrarium last night. Hybrid spores are already escaping to… Now I'm in what could charitably be called a pickle. Breather gear is still working, but…

Log 038 …on the insides of the walls! Remarkable! Only explanation is …pod itself has become a terrarium. My skin respiration, the interior conditions … hybrid spores to form their own unique mini-ecosystem in here. …proximity alarm! Rescue!

Log 040 …salvagers who found …to leave this whole new ecosystem to grow on its own, out here in space. But any disturbance might upset the delicate …won't show up as life signs, either. …in case, I'll leave a message so no one opens the pod or changes the air mix. …what'll be growing in there when I get back?

Solad Edit

Solad is the fourth planet orbiting the star Tafeno.

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Tentrobiil Edit

Tentrobiil is the second planet orbiting the star Tafeno.

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