Talein's Daughters is an asari commando unit based on Thessia that runs operations all over asari space. Members of the Daughters typically serve tours lasting two years before reenlisting.

Background Edit

The commando unit's motto is as follows:

“I am a daughter of Talein. Against chaos—we stand. Against death—we refuse.”

Unit lore tells of an asari matron who held the defensive line by herself against a horde of krogan descending upon the colony Ellita in order to buy the rest time to evacuate. The matron's commander tried to remind her there would be no one to raise her two daughters back on Thessia to be good asari if she didn't come back. The matron believed she only had one lesson to teach them: how to fight. She died in a hail of weapons fire, although she held the krogan back long enough for the last evac shuttle to take off.

In 2180 CE the Daughters accepted the biotic human Cora Harper into their ranks as part of the Alliance's Valkyrie Program. The Commanding Officer at the time, Nisira T'Kosh, gave no preferential treatment, providing Cora many opportunities to prove her worth during her 4 years in the unit and forge bonds of friendship in the interim.

Known military actions taken by the group include operations on Omega and Nos Astra and defending asari colonies attacked by geth. They once infiltrated a cult posing as initiates, but the group's perversion of faith offended commando Valenza's spiritual sensibilities. Nisira secured a private audience between Valenza and the cult leader claiming she needed to be "purified of evil", and afterward Valenza promptly shot the leader then prayed for her.

As with many military units, members aren't always made privy to mission specifics although they are expected to do their jobs without question.

Known Members Edit

  • Nisira T'Kosh - unit commander.
  • Ygara Menoris - former subcaptain, recently retired from the Daughters to start her own mercenary outfit.
  • Bannyn T'Dahn - did one tour with the Daughters around 2084 CE before professionally reuniting with Ygara Menoris a century later.
  • Cora Harper
  • Janae - considered the "baby" of the unit, an asari maiden over 200 years old by 2185 who harbored romantic feelings towards Cora. Maintained a close friendship with the human even after getting rejected, visiting her at Tamayo Point after learning of her recovery from a life-threatening scenario. A biotic prodigy, she once yanked an AA gun from its housing and crushed a gang of slavers with it.
  • Kalia - a medic.
  • Tethys - sniper of the unit. Considered old by asari standards, and a firm believer of the embrace eternity mantra. She's capable of hitting an elcor in the eye from 2 klicks away. According to Cora, Tethys always seemed to be hiding something but she's dependable in a fight. Cora suspected that Tethys was an Ardat-Yakshi.
  • Valenza - a religious commando who always prayed between firefights.
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