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What the core is? Edit

Are we sure it's a fusion power plant and not a mass effect core, because I've never heard it called the former while hearing it called the latter quite a few times? - MA4585159 15:12, January 23, 2012 (UTC)

Ships and stations like this have both fusion power plants/cores, and a Mass Effect Core. Remember, during the attack on the SR-2, EDI comments about the main fusion plant going offline and she was switching to emergency H-Fuel Cells. And we do know that the Normandy has a Mass Effect Core. So it is more than likely the fusion core because the asteroid probably wouldn’t be moving as quickly as it would without its Mass Effect Core. Lancer1289 15:19, January 23, 2012 (UTC)

Kenson Scouting Mission And Reaper Visions Edit

I made some changes to the project base. Here are the reasons for changes. 1) Researchers didnt learn as much as they were convinced by the visions. the researchers had no real proof of imminent reaper invasion. only visions and theories. more so. they were indoctrinated and lying to shepard during the mission. nothing is really clear and certian during the arrival dlc. 2) Kenson was on a scouting mission. there was no need for addtional parts. the project was already ready with a press of a button. it is very likely but unconfirmed therefor i didnt write it in the official wiki. that kenson allowed herself to be captured by the batarians. because she had no reason to leave the project, everything was ready....--Erezike (talk) 16:11, December 11, 2013 (UTC)

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