Tamayo Point is a space station on Sol designated as a tourist jump-off point to the wider galaxy. As such, it has a lot of commercial amenities and establishments catering to human and alien interests.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Initiation Edit

Tamayo Point is Cora Harper's first waystation on returning to Sol after four years' military service with the asari, where she gets herself in the crosshairs of xenophobes almost immediately after an unflattering ambush interview with Khalisah al-Jilani. Her friend Ygara Menoris is also on the station ostensibly on her way to Illium, although she later turns out to have ulterior motives for being there.

After Ygara's treachery, Cora's back on Tamayo Point using the station's direct line to the system comm buoy to relay her report to Alec Ryder. Since the line isn't as secure as Ryder would want, he speaks in hypotheticals whenever the subject touches upon illegal topics like artificial intelligence.

The space station has medical facilities equipped for treating damage incurred from metabolic overdrive, located at one of the higher levels. Cora is brought once again to Tamayo Point after overexertion on Quiet Eddy wreaks havoc on her body. While she spends a few weeks in a coma, Homeward Sol protesters recognizing her from al-Jilani's interview mull around the hospital premises, necessitating the need for armed guards at her door. When she's recovered enough to be discharged, Tamayo Point authorities clear out protesters around her shuttle after receiving a possible bomb threat from her implant AI SAM-E.

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