Tarak is a batarian who leads the Blue Suns on Omega.

In 2185, Tarak forms an alliance with the bosses of the Eclipse and Blood Pack mercenary groups to take down the vigilante Archangel on Omega. Archangel personally tried to kill Tarak in his own home, making Tarak extremely short-tempered and paranoid. Although none of the other mercenary bosses would admit it, Tarak is the de facto leader in charge, and decides that hiring and sending in waves of expendable freelancers is the best way to distract Archangel until specialized teams could get in place. After Commander Shepard and Archangel kill Jaroth of Eclipse and Garm of the Blood Pack, Tarak enters the battle in his personal A-61 Mantis Gunship and nearly kills Archangel. Following a firefight with Blue Suns mercenaries, Shepard shoots down the gunship, killing Tarak.

Tactics Edit

Tarak's gunship is heavily armored but is somewhat weaker if you decided to stop Sergeant Cathka from fully repairing the gunship. Taking cover is vital to defeating Tarak without getting killed as he is very aggressive in his assault. Using tech skills such as Incinerate should prove to be very useful and effective against Tarak's gunship. Be careful though. Tarak will be dropping Blue Suns mercenaries into the base to distract you from targeting him.


  • If Shepard has Zaeed Massani in the party when talking to Tarak outside of Archangel's headquarters, Tarak will not angrily dismiss Shepard's team as nameless freelancers. Instead, he will greet Zaeed and briefly speak with them, then politely instruct Jentha to answer any questions Shepard or his/her team may have.