MEA Journal - Additional Tasks
Kesh's assistant, Wilma, wants to surprise Kesh with some bootlegged swill from Kadara. She asked you to secure some.

Acquisition Edit

Speak with Kesh's assistant, Wilma (marked with aMEA New Mission Map Icon), outside Kesh's Office on the Nexus after visiting Kadara during Hunting the Archon.

Walkthrough Edit

Get beer from bootleggers at Kadara Port Edit

Head to the navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconin Kadara Port. To the west of the navpoint is a datapad on a crate.

Best Booze in Universe Has Moved!
Those jerks shut me down and kicked me out of Kadara Port. If you want *real* booze, not the wash they serve here, come to my secret stash spot. If you dare... dun-dun-dun.


Reading the datapad leads Pathfinder Ryder to a new navpoint by the acid ponds. +530 XP is awarded for reading the datapad.

Find the bootleggers' operation on Kadara Edit

Beer run - best booze in the universe
Go to the navpoint to the northeast of the westernmost monolith MEA Monolith Map Icon (or the Forward Station north of the cave). Regardless of whether the Ditaeon settlement is founded nearby, there will be a parked shuttle with a turian and some booze by the shallow lake. When Ryder gets close enough, SAM will remind Ryder that Kesh's assistant asked Ryder to acquire beer. Simply speak to the Bootlegger and the mission completes.

Aftermath Edit

Ryder receives several emails after the mission is complete.

Dear customer...
To: customer 427
From: Bootleggers Association of Kadara

We appreciate your previous business and hope you enjoyed our unique power-packed home-brewed spirits. We are constantly improving and experimenting on new blends, so be sure to check back with us.


Zed, Founder of the BAoK

Thanks for the booze!
To: Ryder
From: Wilma

Hi! It's Wilma, Superintendent Kesh's assistant. Thank you for the bootlegged spirits from Kadara! Kesh was very pleasantly surprised, even if her system barely felt the effects. The rest of us slept well that night, though!

Take care!

Rewards Edit

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