MEA Journal - Additional Tasks
Davis Qar, who runs fledgling news agency HNS from the Nexus, has asked if the Pathfinder will help certain habitable worlds receive his broadcast by placing receivers on high points planetside.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to Davis Qar in Nexus Operations and accept his offer.

Walkthrough Edit

Drive to the navpointsMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconto place a receiver on each of the worlds.
Note: The mission requirements do not have to be completed in the order shown in-game.
Note: An outpost must be established on a world first before Ryder is able to place a receiver.

Complete The Outpost On Elaaden Edit

Complete Settling Elaaden to establish the Elaaden Outpost on Elaaden near New Tuchanka.

Place Receiver On Elaaden Edit

Place the receiver. The location is in Languish north-northwest of New Tuchanka.

Complete The Outpost On Eos Edit

Complete A Better Beginning to establish Prodromos on Eos.

Place Receiver On Eos Edit

Place the receiver. The location is in Fairwinds Basin southwest of Prodromos.

Complete The Outpost On Kadara Edit

Complete Settling Kadara to establish Ditaeon on Kadara.

Place Receiver On Kadara Edit

Place the receiver. The location is next to the Forward Station in Sulfur Springs.

Complete The Outpost On Voeld Edit

Complete Settling Voeld to establish Taerve Uni on Voeld.

Place Receiver On Voeld Edit

Place the receiver. The location is east of Taerve Uni.

Return To Davis Qar Edit

Return to Davis Qar once the receivers have been placed to be thanked. The mission ends after speaking with Davis.

Rewards Edit

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