MEA Journal - Additional Tasks
You've discovered a Remnant data cache the scavengers have tampered with. SAM can piece together its data if you locate additional caches.

Acquisition Edit

Starts when Ryder finds and scans the first Remnant Data Cache at a Remnant site on Elaaden.

Walkthrough Edit

Locate Data Caches Edit

Finding and scanning additional Remnant Data Caches will make it possible for SAM to get a navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Icon. Some of them are so degraded they are not useful.

Remnant data cache
You have to find three additional caches and scan them. The caches are spread randomly among the camps and crashed shuttles. Each cache will be marked with MEA Investigate Map Icon. If a location doesn't have a cache, the location might have one on your next visit. If a location has a cache, SAM (or a squadmate) will comment on the presence of the cache.

Once enough caches have been scanned, SAM will indicate that the location has been found.

Enter The Remnant Facility Edit

SAM has extracted an entrance code for an intriguing Remnant location. There may be something of value inside. The facility is located in the far northeast region of the Sea of Ataraxia.

Note: It is advised to make a save before entering because inside the facility several bugs may be experienced. Reloading from this save usually solves the problem.

Acquire The Remnant Data Edit

Defeat the Outlaws in the Gravity Well room. There are a number of small lootable containers to be found though out this entire Remnant facility. Search each area to find these containers.

Proceed along the corridor. There is a puzzle-locked containerMEA Hidden Cache Map Icon. Solving the puzzle counts towards the Cryptographer Achievement. For the puzzle solution, see here.

The big door should open to the next area automatically when Ryder approaches.

In the next room there is a Remnant Destroyer in combat with Outlaws and their Hydra. Defeat the leftover enemies.

The navpoint leads to the innermost room. In the innermost room, there are two Adaptive Remnant Core Devices that Ryder has to scan (for a total of +200 Rd icon remnant orange) and then the mission completes.

Rewards Edit

Bugs Edit

  • Sometimes the puzzle is missing from the puzzle locked container. If this puzzle is needed for the Cryptographer Achievement, reload the latest save and try again.
  • Sometimes it's not possible to interact with the container after the puzzle has been solved. Reload the latest save and try again.
  • If the big door doesn't open, load the latest save and try again.

Puzzle Solution Edit

Main article: Remnant Decryption Puzzle Guide
MEA Cache Flow Puzzle Solution
Puzzle Container
Reward: Valuable Loot
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