MEA Journal - Additional Tasks
You've discovered a kett shuttle control center on Voeld. Hacking its message terminals will help SAM assemble its entry code.

Acquisition Edit

When in a kett camp, SAM will alert Pathfinder Ryder that there is a message console that is hackable. After hacking the console, the mission starts.

Note: Device naming for the items to be hacked is inconsistent. The mission objectives say these items are Terminals but the actual names of the items that are hacked are Consoles.

Walkthrough Edit

Hack The Kett Terminals Edit

Voeld clearing
Three Consoles have to be hacked to give SAM enough data to crack the passcode.

You have to find two additional Consoles and hack them. The Consoles are spread randomly among the kett camps and sites where kett scavenge. Each Console will be marked with MEA Interact Map Icon. If a camp doesn't have a Console, the camp might have one the next time Ryder visits. If a camp has a Console, SAM (or a squadmate) will comment on the presence of the Console.

Note: It's possible to force a spawn of a Console. Get out of the ND1 Nomad (or risk a corrupt save), make a manual save, and patiently continue to load that save until there is a Console.

The message order and the message itself on each hackable console are always the same. It doesn't matter where Ryder finds each console.

First Message Console

Message to Anointed
Control is sending a fleet of shuttles to Havarl tomorrow. We anticipate breaking the planet's defenses soon. We'll have plenty of new stock for the facility.

Second Message Console

Message to Anointed
Control sends word of 20 new shuttles ready for deployment. This servant humbly recommends sending them to Eos, where they will crush the newcomers before they can grow too quickly.

Third Message Console

Message to Anointed
The shuttle fleet returned to the control center. We received a capture of 13 stock and encrypted information on their cell locations. This servant anticipates breaking the code within the week.

After the third Console is hacked, SAM is able to crack the passcode and calculate a navpoint MEA Tracked Objective Map Icon.

Approach The Control Center Edit

Go to the navpoint at the Northern Holding Site. Note: If Ryder hasn't completed Stage a Rescue, this mission will be added as Ryder approaches. Opening the cages will allow the angara to help with the upcoming kett ambush.

There is a datapad on the ground next to one of the cages.

I'm sorry
Have to be brief. The kett took our equipment away, but they missed this data device. Interface is awkward, but it'll do.

They caught us at Eroesk. We stayed longer than we should've, hoping it would give others a chance. When you left, you told me not to do anything that would get me hurt. But when the alert came, I couldn't get on that shuttle. I wouldn't be able to live knowing I could've done more. That would've been the deeper hurt.

So I have done what you asked, though not quite in the way you intended, and I am sorry to put you through this.

Be well, my heart, and may the stars always shine bright for you.

Inside the building is a terminal with multiple entries.

Update From Prefect/Voeld
Our attempts to release the repugnant angaran AI from their frozen city are behind schedule.

Archon continues to instruct me to capture it and not to destroy it.

More slaves are required. The frequency of raids will be increased.

That is all.

Detainee Group #6019
Acquisition: Acquired in raid of settlement "Eroesk"

Physical analysis: COMPLETE
Genetic analysis: COMPLETE
Summary: three chosen

Additional comments:
Civilian group. One soldier. Remaining six were distributed to various facilities to assist in our efforts.

Detainee Group #6025
Acquisition: Acquired in ambush

Physical analysis: COMPLETE
Genetic analysis: COMPLETE
Summary: zero chosen

Additional comments:
Failed group of five. All Resistance soldiers. Expectations unmet.

Detainee Group #6028
Acquisition: Acquired in failed Resistance attack on operations center.

Physical analysis: COMPLETE
Genetic analysis: INCOMPLETE
Summary: Awaiting input...

Additional comments:
Group of five. Resistance soldiers. Unyielding. Great promise.

Use The Passcode On The Door Edit

Head inside the building and use console next to the locked door. Using the passcode starts the ambush.

Defeat The Kett Ambush Edit

Several dropships will fly in and drop off the kett ambush. Anointed, Destined, and Chosen will arrive. Defeat the kett.

Unlock The Door Edit

After the ambush is defeated, head back into the building and use the console next to the locked door again. This will open the door.

Shut Down The Control Console Edit

Head into the newly opened room and use the console. Several kett airships are grounded, and the Resistance has less kett forces in the air to deal with (says SAM). However, there is no noticeable difference in the frequency of kett air drops.

Rewards Edit

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