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Task: Cold Hard Cache

You discovered a weapons cache on Kadara. Continue to scan caches to determine their destinations.


Amongst the outlaw camps, Pathfinder Ryder will find the first weapons cache when SAM alerts Ryder to it. Scan the cache to start the mission.


Scan Weapons Caches[]

Kadara weapons cache.png

You have to find two additional caches. The caches are spread randomly among the camps. Each cache will be marked with MEA Investigate Map Icon.png. If a camp doesn't have a cache, the camp might have one the next time Ryder visits. If a camp has a cache, SAM (or a squadmate) will comment on the presence of the cache.

When Ryder has found three caches, the mission will update to the next objective.

Travel To The Navpoint[]

Travel to the navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Icon.pngin Spirits' Ledge. Ryder arrives in the middle of a fight between the Collective and the Outlaws. Use the datapad at the navpoint.

Shipping Notice
Got almost all the weapon caches accounted for. I'll forward them to your camp as soon as I have the manpower for it. Not sure you need all this for one weakling colony, but it's your choice.

Fuck, Prodromos won't know what hit them. They'll be dead before they can lift a finger. I envy the loot you'll score from that one. Let me know when you get back from Eos.

Someone has been hoarding weapons for an attack on Prodromos.

Search For The Message Source[]

The message source is from a nearby building. Outlaws are there. SAM detects explosives nearby.

There is an Adaptive Remnant Core Device to scan for +100 Rd icon remnant orange.png underneath one of the platforms.

Defeat The Outlaws[]

The Outlaws have two Hydras and reinforcements will arrive via airship.

Prevent The Shuttle From Leaving Kadara[]

Shoot the marked explosives MEA Destroy Map Icon.png next to the shuttle. This triggers the rewards for the mission.