MEA Journal - Additional Tasks
Professor Herik is working on a comparative wildlife conservation effort. Travel the cluster and take scans of any unknown wildlife.

Acquisition Edit

Talk to Professor Herik anytime after Pathfinder Ryder speaks to him during Task: Getting to Know the Nexus and accept his request for help. After the Tempest's acquisition, Professor Herik can be found at the Tech Lab of the Nexus Docking Bay.

Walkthrough Edit

Access the terminal Edit

After accepting the mission from Herik, access the nearby terminal to read about the efforts to catalog the organisms that live in the galaxy before either Milky Way or Scourge interference wipes out the native species.

Final Proposal: Prof. N. Herik et al

...since we are, by definition, an invasive species in Andromeda. Our inevitable footprint must be laid carefully, and we must preserve anything we replace.

The Heleus Cluster presents an unexpected challenge. We arrived with seed archives and DNA banks to ensure preservation of the biodiversity of the Milky Way. But this cluster is scarred by the Scourge, and its unique flora and fauna are threatened by its turbulence. That, too, requires conservation.

Scan Andromeda wildlife Edit

You must locate and scan ten of the following thirteen unique wildlife samples to complete this mission. Each sample is worth +50 Rd icon heleus orange for a total of +650 Rd icon heleus orange (for all thirteen samples).

Note: Wildlife scanned while on Habitat 7 during Planetside does not count towards the 10 unique scans required.

The creatures do not need to be alive to be scanned, but must have a corpse left behind; as some of them disintegrate upon death, it can be a challenge to scan some wildlife if your squadmates attack on sight. It might be advisable to direct the team away from the creature you are trying to scan.

Creature Eos Havarl Voeld Kadara Elaaden
Ancient Eiroch
Wild Adhi

Speak With Professor Herik Edit

Once 10 samples are obtained return to Professor Herik on the Nexus to complete the mission. The three remaining wildlife samples scanned after the completion of the mission will still provide research data.

Rewards Edit

  • +1330 XP
  • +200 Credits
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