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The kett have been keeping Remnant data cores for testing in their camps. SAM suggests they may be extracting important information from the cores.

Acquisition Edit

Remnant data node

When the outpost MEA Outpost Map Icon Prodromos on Eos has been established, and the radiation has cleared, Pathfinder Ryder will be able to travel in the western part of the map. Eventually Ryder finds a Remnant Data Core Node in one of the kett camps on Eos. SAM asks Ryder to scan it.

Alternatively, Ryder can find the Remnant installation without scanning the nodes. If this is the case, kett will not be present there. The mission is acquired by activating the console.

Walkthrough Edit

Locate And Scan Remnant Data Core Nodes Edit

Finding and scanning additional nodes will make it possible for SAM to get a navpoint.

Ryder has to find three additional nodes and scan them. The nodes are spread randomly among the kett camps. Each node will be marked with MEA Investigate Map Icon. If a camp doesn't have a node, the camp might have one the next time Ryder visits. If a camp has a node, SAM (or a squadmate) will comment on the presence of the node.

Once four nodes have been scanned, SAM will indicate that the location has been found.

Follow The Navpoint Edit

At the navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconin the Blackrock Tande region is a Remnant facility sunken into the ground.

Enter The Remnant Installation Edit

Use the gravity well MEA Travel Down Map Icon to enter the installation.

Eliminate The Kett Edit

Within the installation, the Pathfinder team must locate the source of the data nodes while fighting off kett forces that have infiltrated the facility. Reach the innermost chamber.

While in the vault, scan for four glyphs to unlock the container MEA Hidden Cache Map Icon in the Gravity Well chamber (applies to the Cryptographer Achievement). For the puzzle solution, see here.

  • The Interval Glyph is found right behind the container in the Gravity Well chamber.
  • The Thermodynamic Glyph is on the other side of the pillar opposite the Gravity Well.
  • The Semiosis Glyph is in the next chamber, on the pillar standing in the first pit, facing away from the entrance
  • The Kinetic Glyph is located on the wall left of the exit from the final chamber with the Remnant console.

Also, inside the facility there are two data patterns (+10 Rd icon remnant orange each) and an Adaptive Remnant Data Core (+100 Rd icon remnant orange) to be scanned for a total of +120 Rd icon remnant orange.

Investigate The Console Edit

(This objective doesn't show until it has been accomplished.)

In the innermost chamber, interact with the console. SAM downloads vital data on the native wildlife on Eos.

Deliver The Data To Prodromos Edit

Head back to Prodromos, to the building closest to the Tempest. Access the terminal and confirm "Request: Information on Eos" to complete the mission.

Request: Information on Eos

As you're now the vanguard of the Initiative's new life in Heleus, I'm requesting data on Eos—plant life, animal encounters, dangerous areas, anything you think could be of use to our future outposts. If any of your associates gather such data, transmit it to me immediately.

Thank you,

Rewards Edit

Puzzle Solution Edit

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MEA Data Trail Puzzle Solution
Puzzle Container
Reward: Valuable Loot
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