MEA Journal - Additional Tasks
The Nexus has many moving parts and departments. To get a full lay of the land, get to know the various leaders and important personnel stationed there.

Acquisition Edit

This mission is acquired automatically during Nexus Reunion.

Walkthrough Edit

The mission objectives can be accomplished in any order. Once all those listed below have been spoken to, the task will be automatically completed.

Speak With Tann Edit

Jarun Tann is in the Pathfinder Headquarters, south of Colonial Affairs; speak to him again after completing Nexus Reunion. He can tell Pathfinder Ryder a great deal about the Initiative and current affairs. (+50 XP)

Note: Speaking with Tann for the mission Nexus Reunion during this mission will not fulfill the objective. Ryder must initiate a second conversation for the Nexus Reunion objective to complete.

Speak With Kesh Edit

Nakmor Kesh is located in her office, north of Colonial Affairs. Kesh has limited information, but can provide some details about the krogan involvement in the Nexus mutiny prior to the Hyperion's arrival. (+50 XP)

Speak With Kandros Edit

Tiran Kandros is located in the Militia Office of the Operations block. He's mostly concerned with security and turian affairs. (+50 XP)

Speak With Addison Edit

Director Foster Addison is located in Colonial Affairs. She expresses frustration with the overall situation and mistrust of the new Pathfinder. (+50 XP)

Speak With The Scientists Edit

Professor Herik is located in the easternmost portion of the Nexus Operations block. Surrounded by a group of other scientists, he promises to help forward the Initiative's mission if Ryder can provide the data (+100 XP). At the conclusion of the brief chat, all three scientists will have additional tasks for Ryder:

Rewards Edit

  • None
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