MEA Journal - Additional Tasks
You've found a UV light that could help the herbal entrepreneurs grow their plants.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Emergency S.O.S.
Prerequisite: Task: Broken Family

Head to the Forward Station in Haarfel on Kadara. Southeast from the forward station is a small building.

Go into the building and get the UV lights from the salarian. This mission and objective will then show up.

Walkthrough Edit

Bring the UV light to the herbal entrepreneurs Edit

Return to the herbal entrepreneurs in Kurinth's Valley and give them the UV-lights. The entrepreneurs are grateful and offer to let Pathfinder Ryder take a free sample of herbs. The herbs can be used to cure infections. Scanning the herbs reveal that they have antibiotic effects.

Bugs Edit

Note: The herbs were intended for Task: Running a Fever to cure the fever of one of the turians in Task: Broken Family, but Task: Running a Fever is broken and currently has no official fix available.

Rewards Edit

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