MEA Journal - Additional Tasks
You've discovered the body of a scavenger who was killed by a highly infectious disease. SAM recommends finding the source to prevent the disease from spreading.

Acquisition Edit

The task starts when Pathfinder Ryder has found and scanned a dead scavenger in a camp on Elaaden.

Walkthrough Edit

Scan the scavenger's bodies Edit

The scavenger bodies in question are generated at random but can be found at scavenger outposts dotted all over the map. The bodies will be marked with MEA Investigate Map Icon. If a camp doesn't have a corpse, the camp might have a corpse the next time upon next visit. If a camp has a corpse, SAM (or a squadmate) will comment on the presence of the corpse.

Once three bodies are scanned, SAM will prompt Ryder that the death was caused by ingestion of contaminated meat and provide the navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconto the alleged source.

Investigate the disease source Edit

The navpoint is located in the Sea of Ataraxia at the Northeastern MonolithMEA Monolith Map Icon.

Search for the radiation source Edit

Infection - radioactive canisters
Some leaking canisters on the ground are the source of the radiation. There would be a few creatures roaming about - Kaerkyns, Spitbugs and even Echidnas depending on map state - and SAM detects the radiation off them.

Make the radioactive canisters inert Edit

Interact with the canisters to render them inert. Because disabling them takes more than a few seconds, it is recommended to clear out the immediate area of wildlife before attempting to do so. When the canisters are disabled, the mission then ends.

Rewards Edit

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