MEA Journal - Additional Tasks
Governor Shie's assistant, Enroh Bosaan, has established message terminals across the city for citizens to record personal messages to the Nexus. Enroh has asked you to visit each of these terminals, view the messages, and pass them along to the Nexus leaders.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to Enroh Bosaan (marked with aMEA New Mission Map Icon) at the Governor's Office on Aya.

Walkthrough Edit

Download the messages from the Holographic Message Terminals in Aya (marked on map).

For all four terminals, it's the same procedure: Interact with the terminal and select Download, and then choose whether the messages shall be forwarded to the Nexus unedited or edited.

Though Pathfinder Ryder is asked to edit or not edit the emails, Ryder can't actually edit the messages. The only apparent difference is in the email Ryder receives from Director Jarun Tann after the task is complete. If even one message compilation is sent edited, Tann will respond with the appropriate version even if the other three were sent unedited.

Collect Messages From The Docks Terminal Edit

Messages to the Nexus
Translated from Shelesh:

Subject: Why are you here?

What impulse drove your people to cross darkspace? What have you come here for? Do you expect us to believe you're just explorers who want to live in peace? I think you fled something terrible. I think it might follow you here.

Subject: Questions

Which one of your species actually controls this so-called "Initiative"? Are you even different species, or just genetic constructs customized to fill different roles? Why do you all walk on two legs, like us? Is it so we'd accept you? What did you look like before you crossed darkspace?

Subject: Keep off Havarl

When I heard you were granted permission to land on Havarl, I filed a complaint with Governor Shie. That world is one of our most sacred places, and it is not for outsiders. Even the kett keep their distance, because they know we'll fight to the death to protect it. Anyone who defiles Havarl will face consequences.

Subject: Share your gifts

You built ships to travel across darkspace. Show us how to make them and let us retrace your path. There are no kett where you came from. We have a generation facing extinction, but you could help us go where the enemy won't follow. We've suffered enough. Give us hope for a better life.

Collect Messages From The Market Terminal Edit

Messages to the Nexus
Translated from Shelesh:

Subject: Thank you

I remember the first time I met the Moshae. It was one of the greatest moments of my life. She has done so much for our people. When the rumors began that she'd been caught by the kett--and worse, killed--I lost hope for our future. You restored it. I don't care what anyone says. I believe you came to save us.

Subject: Go home

This is not your galaxy. You don't belong here. Anyone who thinks you're different from the kett is a fool. I see you for what you are, and there are many more like me.

Subject: None

If you come in peace and friendship, paavoa. If your hearts are filled with deceit, you will die. That is all you need to know.

Subject: Paavoa

My name is Vjaka. My family said I could write to you. I've never met an alien before, but I'd like to meet you. I think we can be friends.

Collect Messages From The Tavetaan Terminal Edit

Messages to the Nexus
Translated from Shelesh:

Subject: Let there be unity

Before the Scourge, angara were one people. It took centuries after that disaster to find each other again, and by then we'd been divided too long. That's how the kett were able to conquer us. The war forced us back together, but now you've upset the balance. Some don't trust you. Others want you to save us. Divisions are forming. If you're really here to help, keep our people united.

Subject: Paavoa and isharay to you all

I'm writing this in my final days. I've lived a long life that now comes to its natural end. I've known great loss and pain, but also joy and hope. I think we have that in common. My fate is to leave at a turning point in history. Part of me is angry I won't see what happens next, but I've made my peace.
Whatever becomes of your people, mine, and the kett will reverberate into the lives of my great-grandchildren, and that gives me strange comfort. I know there's more to this life than war and hardship, and I've seen enough to know your people understand that too.
Be well. Take care of each other. Change life for the better.

Subject: We wish you peace and good fortune

Don't be deceived by the violent posturing of Evfra de Tershaav and his Resistance. We are not a violent people. We're scientists, inventors, artists, caretakers, and explorers. This is our home, but there is room enough for us all. We told the kett the same thing, but they didn't listen. We hope you do.

Subject: No one will read this

This message will never be read by the Pathfinder, much less reach the Nexus. We're so desperate for allies against the kett that we're willing to make the same mistake with new aliens. This little stunt by the governor won't change anything. We may as well be screaming into the wind.

Collect Messages From The Resistance Headquarters Terminal Edit

Messages to the Nexus
Translated from Shelesh:

Subject: Join our fight

You proved you can fight the kett on Voeld. The Resistance doesn't impress easily. Stand with us. Together, we will take this war to the enemy's home. We'll make them feel terror. We'll show them despair. We will break the kett, and when that's done, we'll share the rewards of victory.

Subject: Are you at war with each other?

We've seen members of your species act with violence, greed, and selfishness. We've found evidence of your people attacking and stealing from one another. Why do you hurt each other, when only the kett stand to gain? If our people are slow to trust you, it's because we can't understand why some of you seem determined to hurt others. Even the kett stand united in their cause. Why don't you?

Subject: We have much to learn

I've spent my life wondering what other beings might exist. Your people are nothing like what I imagined, and I'm glad for that. I thought I was long past being surprised in life. My sons and daughters draw pictures of you and ask me all sorts of questions. They want to know everything about you. We hope you feel the same way. There's so much we can teach each other.

Subject: I believe in our future

Help arrives when you least expect it, and your arrival was unexpected. You came to Aya wounded and in need, and we didn't welcome you. You went to our other worlds and helped our people overcome terrible challenges with no promise of reward or friendship. You wouldn't do that if there wasn't a goodness at your core. You want to understand and be understood. This is the start of a great alliance.

Aftermath Edit

Ryder receives an email once this mission is complete.

If the messages were unedited upon being sent:

Messages to the Nexus

To: Ryder
From: Director Jarun Tann

Ryder, I've been reviewing all the messages you forwarded from the angaran populace. It's encouraging to see that even in these initial phases of contact, we have supporters among them. Though it's equally clear we have our work cut out for us in winning over the rest. But I'm confident you're on the right track. I would have been surprised if the angara hadn't expressed skepticism. First contact is a complicated situation and if roles were reversed, I'd be suspicious of them if they arrived on our doorstep. Thank you for passing these messages along. They'll provide valuable insight as we navigate these tricky waters.

Director Tann

If the messages were sent edited:

Messages to the Nexus

To: Ryder
From: Director Jarun Tann

Ryder, I've been reviewing all the messages you forwarded from the angaran populace. On one hand, it’s encouraging to see the positive reaction. But on the other hand, this is historically very unlikely. Any time two species meet for the first time, there is to be suspicion and even outright fear. From what I’ve heard of the angara, they are not a naive people. I highly doubt your reception is this positive. I wonder if perhaps you’ve been selective in the messages you sent? I needed the unvarnished truth. That’s critical if there’s to be any hope of avoiding miscalculations in our relationship with the angara. I’ll pursue my own avenues to gather more information.

Director Tann

Rewards Edit

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