MEA Journal - Additional Tasks
Merixus says people at the Kadara Port outpost are suffering from a widespread bacterial infection. This bacteria is native to Heleus, so perhaps angaran antibiotics can treat it.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to Merixus when Pathfinder Ryder visits Aya after completing Hunting the Archon on the Docks.

Note: This is the second outpost supplies mission given by Merixus. The first outpost supplies mission given is Task: Outpost Supplies on Eos, the second is Task: Outpost Supplies on Kadara, and the third is Task: Outpost Supplies on Elaaden. When returning to Merixus after completing any (or all) of the outpost supplies missions, the last supplies mission Task: Outpost Supplies on Voeld will be given.

Walkthrough Edit

Acquire Angaran Antibiotics On Aya Edit

Purchase the angaran antibiotics from the Assistant Medic in the Infirmary on Aya for 450 Credits.

Deliver The Angaran Antibiotics To Merixus Edit

Deliver the antibiotics to Merixus on the Docks.

Rewards Edit

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