Task: Past, Present, and Future

Avela sent you a message indicating she discovered something interesting from the relics you recovered. She wants to speak to you the next time you visit Aya.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Note: This task can only be acquired after completing Forgotten History and the The Journey to Meridian if Pathfinder Ryder is male and has romanced Avela Kjar during the game.

Avela sends an email to Ryder:

I found something

To: Ryder
From: Avela

Translated from Skelesh:


I've been studying those relics you found, and I discovered an answer I've been looking for. Meet me outside the Repository on Aya.


Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Speak to Avela on Aya[edit | edit source]

Go to Aya and follow the navpoint to Avela (southwest of the Resistance Headquarters). Speak with Avela and she begins to talk about whether her ancestors could have imagined how far the angara have come in spite of everything that has happened. Ryder says that the angara are inspiring and that Aya gives hope that the Heleus Cluster could be a home. Avela agrees and hopes Ryder will make a home in Heleus.

Avela says that she has been studying the artifacts and what she has found is incredible. Acording to her results, the history of the angara is much shorter than though. Less than a millennium in fact and it is as if the angara just sprang into being as a fully formed civilization.

Ryder comments that the Jaardan created her people. Avela comments that she wonders if at the same time they also created the culture, traditions, and beliefs of her people. Avela is concerned that if her people don't understand their past, they won't be able understand their future. The data Ryder found could affect her people for generations.

Ryder can then make a choice to continue the romance or stop.

If Ryder chooses to continue the romance: Ryder comments that it sounds as if Avela is trying to break things off. Avela comments that Ryder makes it seem so easy.

Avela will then kiss Ryder and then apologize.

Ryder can then again make a choice to continue the romance or stop.

If Ryder chooses to continue the romance, Ryder reassures her that Ryder wants this too and asks if she wants this. Avela says who wouldn't want a handsome explorer from far beyond the stars. Avela is concerned though that her work needs her full attention and Ryder has a tremendous task ahead. Avela doesn't want to be a distraction to Ryder no matter how much she wants to. Ryder says that the distraction is wanted. Avela comments that when this is all over if Ryder still feels the same way that she wants Ryder to come and find her.

Ryder can then choose to kiss her one last time or not.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • +270 XP
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