MEA Journal - Additional Tasks
You have reactivated a Research Center on Eos. Test its capabilities by gathering the resources to craft a weapon.

Acquisition Edit

Interact with the Terminal (marked with a MEA New Mission Map Icon) inside a building in Site 1: Promise and acknowledge the "ACTIVATE: Power Relay" to start this mission.

Walkthrough Edit

Collect Area Resources And Craft A Weapon Edit

There are many easy ways to complete this task, and the earliest Ryder can complete it is just after acquisition. There are many Resources spread around Site 1: Promise, which Ryder can collect to be able to build the weapon.

When Ryder has gathered enough resources, simply use the research center (small, northeastern building beside the ND1 Nomad's crate), and craft almost any weapon in the "Development" menu.

Aftermath Edit

Ryder has discovered a working Research Center, like the center on board the Tempest, Ryder can craft various weapons and research upgrades if the right material is present.

  • Acquired weapon
    • Ryder's Choice

Rewards Edit

  • +270 XP
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