Task: Running a Fever is a task in Mass Effect: Andromeda inaccessible through normal gameplay.

Background Edit

This bug is well-known and has been reported.[1] It has not been fixed in the game's final Update 1.10, so it is expected that the mission will never be officially fixed. The only known workaround is through third-party unofficial mods,[2] with the proper course of action detailed below.

Acquisition Edit

The mission was intended to work like this:

One of the people in the house for Task: Broken Family is on a bed with a fever. The turian refugee says that some herbs might help. This conversation should have started the mission, but it doesn't.

The herbs could then be collected from the people involved in the mission arc Emergency S.O.S. and then Task: Herbal Entrepreneurs. Ryder should have been able to interact with the plants to get a sample, but that is not possible.

Walkthrough Edit

Pathfinder Ryder is able to take a sample of an "Unknown Plant". Ryder is given a choice to eat some of the plant or not. Eating the plant causes Ryder to hallucinate for a little bit while SAM speaks to Ryder. Ryder snaps out of the hallucination and SAM lets Ryder know that this plant could be used to help the Nexus Refugees. The mission objective is then added to the Journal.

Take The Plant To Nexus Refugees Edit

Ryder takes the plant to the turian refugee and the mission completes.

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