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Task: The Ghost of Promise

You've discovered a research station left behind by one of Eos' first settlers. SAM theorizes that there may be more at other Remnant sites.


Find a Remnant ruin on Eos and investigate the first datapad to acquire the task.


To complete this task, you must recover three of the associated datapads located at different Remnant ruins.

Locate The Researcher's Other Stations[]

The datapads are randomly scattered among the Remnant ruins and can be found on the ground.

  • The ruins are not marked on the map.
  • If a ruin doesn't have a datapad the first time Ryder investigates it, there might be one the next time Ryder goes there.
  • Ryder may have to visit ruins repeatedly until the required number of datapads have been found.
  • It is suggested to start by checking the following ruins because they are within the initial Hazard Level 1 zone:
    • The Scourge-infested ruin on the northern rim of the bowl surrounding the large lake is usually encountered during the A Better Beginning while traveling west along the tire tracks from the Northern MonolithMEA Monolith Map Icon.pngto the Western MonolithMEA Monolith Map Icon.png.
      When Ryder first arrives at the ruin, a battle between a group of Remnant Assemblers with Observers against a pack of Challyrion is underway. If left alone, the Remnant units will deal with the Challyrion and start attacking Ryder. Killing an Observer here will net Ryder +25 XP. Besides the datapad there is a randomized loot crate and scannable Remnant explosive crates (+10 Rd icon remnant orange.png), Scourge tendrils (+10 Rd icon heleus orange.png), and an element zero deposit.
    • Northwest bank of the monolith lake.
    • A Scourge-infested Remnant site is located on the southwest bank of the monolith lake.
      As Ryder approaches this site, a kett dropship unloads a squad of Chosen and it becomes a three-way battle between kett, Remnant bots and wildlife. Pick off those that remain.
    • The small ruin a little east of Site 2: Resilience.
  • There are other ruins in the initial Hazard Level 3 zones. However, those zones are not safe to enter until an outpost MEA Outpost Map Icon.png has been established on Eos during A Better Beginning and the radiation has cleared.

Research Notes: Ana Carrell
A group of us arrived from the Nexus as trailblazers on Eos. Most of my people already want to go back. But I'm determined, at the very least, to do some good for the Initiative. I've discovered these ruins--don't know what to make of them yet, but I'm going to continue researching them. Whoever constructed this could still be here in Heleus. And we need their help. This isn't what Jien Garson envisioned.

Research Notes: Ana Carrell
We had our first death yesterday. Morale is dropping. People are getting sick. Now more than ever I'm determined to find something of value in these technological ruins. I know there's vital data here, but I can't access it. Even with my decryption skills it locks me out. But I can't give up. The Nexus is counting on us to be the vanguard of the Initiative. I'm going to keep moving, and hope I find something of use.

Research Notes: Ana Carrell
It's been months since I could breathe without my lungs stinging. But I can't stop now--I'm so close. After weeks of trying, I was able to finally complete a string of information extracted from these ruins. I think it may be a location marker, or a navpoint. I'm going to follow it. With any luck, I'll find something that can help us survive. I know the creators of these ruins left something behind. I can feel it.

Follow The Navpoint[]

Once all three datapads are collected, the navpoint can be found by travelling east of the Forward Station in The Golden Wastes to an underground Remnant facility (on the very east side of the map).

Find Ana Carrell's Final Research[]

Ana Carrell's Data Pad

Take the gravity well down. On the ledge next to the landing spot, Ryder will find Ana Carrell's three final datapads.

New Journal: Ana Carrell, Day 1
Look at this place. It's more beautiful than I could've ever imagined. Millions of data strings, just waiting to be discovered. If only I could access them. There are secrets in this place--I can feel it. If I can figure out how their protocols work, I think these sleeping robots could be useful to us.

The storms outside have grown worse. If I try to go back now, I'm dead. They've messed with my comm--I can't leave, and I can't call for help. Besides, who would I call? Most of the outpost is dead already. Fortunately, it seems the technology in this place keeps the radiation away. I have enough food to last a week. I'll attempt to weather the storm and contact the outpost when I get a chance.

New Journal: Ana Carrell, Day 8
My food supply ran out yesterday. Not that I can eat anyway. The temple keeps the radiation away, but I can feel myself grow weaker from my exposure to it outside. It's eating away at my insides.

Eight days and the storm hasn't died down. I don't know what I'm going to do. If I leave, the storm kills me. If I stay, I starve to death--if the radiation poisoning doesn't get me first. I need to think of a way out. I'm a data scientist surrounded by machines. There has to be something I can do. A way I can use them. I'm going to try to wake them up.

New Journal: Ana Carrell, Final Entry
I was stupid. Tried to hack into the protectors of these ruins and they turned on me. I shouldn't have touched them. I managed to hide, but they got enough shots in that I know I'm not going to make it. At least now I'll die quickly--better than to watch the radiation slowly melt my insides.

But there's something the Nexus needs to know. After they attacked me, the machines started working. Repairing... no... creating land. I think they have the ability to fix this planet. If you find this, upload it to the Nexus. I want them to know what happened here. To see the potential this world has for them. These things--Remnant--I think they're the key to our new life. We just need to unlock it.

I'll always believe in Jien's vision. I don't regret anything.

Good luck,

Activating the console in the room opens the door to a small room in the far end of the room. In the room is a Destroyer. When it has been destroyed, Ryder may enter the small room to scan an Adaptive Remnant Core Device for +100 Rd icon remnant orange.png and open a puzzle locked container (needed for the Cryptographer Achievement). For the puzzle solution, see here. The next door can't be opened.

Note: Ryder might discover this vault before finding any of the datapads in the Remnant ruins. When Ryder has read the three final datapads the mission can be completed - no need to search the Remnant ruins for datapads. However if Ryder doesn't complete the mission by returning to Prodromos, then Ryder can still find the datapads scattered around and Ryder will act as if Ana hasn't been heard of before.

Deliver The Data To Prodromos[]

To complete the mission, go to Prodromos and upload the research data on the marked terminal.


Ryder will receive the following terminal entry:

Request: Information on Ana Carrell
Researchers on the Nexus have requested information on Ana Carrell, who was reported missing during the first wave of colonists. Any Prodromos colonist with intel will be rewarded.


  • +270 XP

Puzzle Solution[]

Main article: Remnant Decryption Puzzle Guide
MEA Ghost Of Promise Puzzle Solution.png
Puzzle Container
Reward: Valuable Loot