MEA Journal - Additional Tasks
The family of Darket Tiervian, a turian still in cryo, are asking that she be allowed to join them instead of waiting for a future cryo block deployment. Prodromos is getting the experts it needs, but morale contributes as much to viability as resources.

Acquisition Edit

This task is available after establishing an outpost MEA Outpost Map Icon on Eos during A Better Beginning. Start the mission by interacting with a terminal (marked with aMEA New Mission Map Icon) in the first floor of a building in Prodromos.

Formal request for Darket Tiervian, #28
Making the request again, Bradley. I know it's not your fault. I know she's supposed to be second wave. But I want a trail so that when all this calms down in a few years, we can get proper outraged about how long it took to reunite families. Especially ones hurt during the Site 1/2 mess. You know "Broken Promise" is a thing, right?

Requesting the deployment of Darket Tiervian, W-84-Krispin. Exo-studies specialist.
Reason: she's an asset that will help viability. She's also my daughter.

Walkthrough Edit

Speak With Addison's Assistant On The Nexus Edit

Head to the Nexus and find Vladimir Brecka in Colonial Affairs, next to the cryo pod console. Speak to him about getting Darket Tiervian out of stasis.

Return To Prodromos Edit

Return to Prodromos to find Darket in the same building where the task was started. Ryder receives +270 XP for speaking with Darket.

Talk To Darket Tiervian Edit

Darket gives Pathfinder Ryder a lead on kett supplies drifting in orbit around planets.

Find Kett Caches In Pytheus System (0/2) Edit

Go back to the Tempest and access the galaxy map to scan the Pytheas system for anomalies and uncover two kett caches. Traveling to the objects and collecting them concludes the task.

Each kett cache when scanned awards random Salvage.

Rewards Edit

  • +270 XP
  • +29 AVP AVP icon
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