Task Force Aurora is a Systems Alliance research group created by Admiral Hackett with the mandate to investigate legends and rumors about the Reapers from before their existence was revealed. The task force is headed by Dr. Garret Bryson.

Leviathan Edit

During the Reaper invasion in 2186, Admiral Hackett informs Commander Shepard of the existence of Task Force Aurora and directs the Commander to assist Dr. Garret Bryson's investigation as soon as possible. Dr. Bryson reveals that Task Force Aurora has been researching Leviathan, a mythical being theorized to have killed the Reaper known as the Leviathan of Dis. When Dr. Bryson is suddenly killed by his assistant, Commander Shepard picks up the trail, reasoning that anything capable of killing a Reaper could be a valuable asset in the ongoing war.

The search leads Shepard to the asteroid Mahavid and the planet Namakli, locations of interest to the Task Force. The Commander is too late to save Dr. Alex Garneau, who was killed by enthralled miners at Mahavid, but manages to rescue Dr. Ann Bryson, Garret Bryson's daughter, from a Reaper attack on the Namakli dig site. Ann explains the history of Task Force Aurora's research, and because she was affected by a Leviathan artifact on Namakli, is able to use that to help pinpoint Leviathan's location on 2181 Despoina. Once there, Shepard fends off a Reaper assault and makes contact with Leviathan, revealed to be one of several surviving members of an ancient race that gave rise to the Reapers. The Leviathans agree to aid the modern galaxy's races in fighting the Reapers and demonstrate their power by disabling the attacking Reaper capital ship.

Known Members Edit

  • Dr. Garret Bryson - Head of Task Force Aurora.
  • Derek Hadley - Garret Bryson's assistant.
  • Dr. Alex Garneau - Leader of Project Basilisk, which investigated Mahavid.
  • Dr. Ann Bryson - Daughter of Garret Bryson. Leader of Project Scarab, which investigated Namakli.
  • Boyles - a colleague of Ann Bryson on Namakli.
  • Hopkins - an assistant of Ann Bryson on Namakli.
  • Kirkwood - a colleague of Ann Bryson on Namakli.

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