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Tazzik is a salarian hitman employed by the Shadow Broker.

Mass Effect: Redemption

Tazzik appears to be a reputable agent of the Shadow Broker, easily identifiable by Feron with his arrival on Omega in 2183 to oversee the Blue Suns operation of the moving of Commander Shepard's body for transport to the Collectors. Despite interference from Liara T'Soni, Tazzik is able to escape Omega with Shepard's body, bringing it to the Broker's main base on Alingon.

Before the exchange could be made, Tazzik assures the Collectors of the integrity of their purchase despite the nigh-unrecognizable state Shepard's body is in. Feron unexpectedly walks up to the meeting, claiming that the Broker wants full payment, rather than half and half as the Collector stated. Tazzik is ready to believe him and has already issued orders to take back the body when the Collector negotiator starts mumbling about itself being omnipresent before outing Feron as a traitor. Suspicious as to how the Collector even knows Feron's name, Tazzik pulls up a gun to him.

That's when Feron signals Liara for a surprise attack. Tazzik attempts to stop her, only for Feron to delay him, while the asari escapes with Tazzik's ship and Shepard's body. The giant salarian is last seen by Liara elbowing Feron to the ground and beating the drell's face bloody.

Mass Effect 3

If Liara succeeded in saving Feron from the Shadow Broker, following the destruction of the Shadow Broker Base in 2186, Liara tasks Feron with tracking Tazzik down. According to Feron, Tazzik is none too pleased to learn that he has to take orders from Feron, but he complies and acts as a bodyguard for Feron and a group of Shadow Broker agents as they travel through the Terminus Systems to gather intel. Tazzik is unaware of Liara's place as the new Shadow Broker and it can be inferred that he assumes that nothing has changed, aside from Feron becoming an asset instead of a liability.


  • Tazzik seems to be wielding a M-100 Grenade Launcher. However, the barrel seems slightly different.
  • On the cover of Issue #2, Tazzik appears to have 4 fingers on each hand, thumb cannot be seen, but in the comic, he has 3 fingers, like other salarians.
  • Tazzik is also significantly taller and more rugged than most salarians, thus causing a Blue Suns krogan to be surprised by his appearance. According to Redemption scripter John Jackson Miller, "Even though he's shorter than the krogan he meets, Tazzik is huge for a salarian. Thus, the line about Tazzik's size."[1]