Team Support is a passive Tech skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Skill Ranks Edit

Improves defenses and support for the whole squad through kinetic barrier generator and hardsuit enhancements.

Rank Label Icon Description Bonus
1 Shields
MEA Team Support 1 Shields icon
Improves maximum shields for the user and all squadmates with each skill point invested in the Tech Skill Group. +2% Team Shields
2 Shield Recovery
MEA Team Support 2 Shield Recovery icon
Improves shield regeneration for the user and squadmates, as well as health recovery speed for tech constructs, with each skill point invested in the Tech Skill Group. +2% Team Shield Delay Reduction

+2% Team Shield Regeneration
+2% Tech Construct Health Regeneration

3 Support
MEA Team Support 3 Support icon
Improves shield restoration and defensive effects from powers with each skill point invested in the Tech Skill Group. +2% Power Restoration & Defense
4 Squad Offense
MEA Team Support 4a Squad Offense icon
Increases damage from tech constructs and squadmate powers. +20% Squadmate Power Damage

+20% Tech Construct Damage

4 Support
MEA Team Support 3 Support icon
Improves all shield restoration and defensive effects. +20% Power Restoration & Defense
5 Team Recovery
MEA Team Support 5a Team Recovery icon
Reduces shield regeneration delay and improves shield regeneration rate for the user and squadmates. Increases health recovery rate for tech constructs. +15% Team Shield Delay Reduction

+15% Team Shield Regeneration
+15% Tech Construct Health Regeneration

5 Tactical Revive
MEA Team Support 5b Tactical Revive icon
Grants Damage Resistance during squadmate revival and for 5 sec afterwards. Restores shields to maximum upon reviving a squadmate. Both effects also apply to successfully revived squadmates. Damage Resistance During Revive: 120

Damage Resistance after Revive: 60

6 Defense Grid
MEA Team Support 6a Defense Grid icon
Increases Damage Resistance for each conscious squadmate tech construct within 8 m. The increase applies to the user and those squadmates and tech constructs. Damage Resistance per Ally: 6
6 Life Support
MEA Team Support 6b Life Support icon
Improves health regeneration rate for the user and nearby squadmates and tech constructs for 3 sec after using a tech power. Health Regeneration Bonus: 200%

Health Regeneration Cap: 50%

Player Notes Edit

Mechanics Edit

  • Team Support is a passive skill that is always active.

Strategies Edit

  • Rank 6 Defense Grid might not pair well with the Remnant VI skill; unless Ryder carefully manages it, the construct will not be within 8 meters most of the time.
  • Rank 5 Team Recovery gives the Remnant VI skill a direct upgrade.
  • Rank 6 Life Support is also a very powerful skill even if Ryder is using the Assault Turret (skill).
  • Ryder and multiplayer characters with Rank 5 Tactical Revive will survive almost anything, resisting 60% of all damage.
  • Rank 6 Life Support combines very well with the Bio-Converter augmentation that drains 5% of Health when the clip is empty to refill the Ryder's clip. This skill and augmentation combination is one of the most useful without a downside.
  • Rank 6 Life Support synergizes very well with Auxiliary Systems Rank 6 Shield Feedback by allowing Ryder to periodically restore both Health and Shields simultaneously when using any Tech power.
  • Rank 6 Life Support requires using a Tech Skill to activate the health regeneration. Prioritize Tech skill selection to a fast recharging skill or a skill that has a variable recharge time based upon usage to maximize the ability to regenerate health. Flamethrower is an excellent Tech skill to use as Ryder can shoot a tiny burst of flame and then stop without having a lengthy recharge time. Flamethrower's very short recharge time when fired in burst mode combined with the Bio-Converter's recharging ammo is an excellent pairing when Rank 6 Life Support is taken. Ryder can simply shoot until out of ammo, automatically spend the 5% health to refill ammo, and then flame to restore the lost health.
  • Energy Drain is also a very effective skill to combine with Rank 6 Life Support. With the Rank 6 Team Drain of Energy Drain, Ryder can jury-rig something very similar to Cora Harper's Shield Boost skill to restore both health and shields.

Availability Edit

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