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'Tech' refers to abilities based around reverse engineering or hacking various technologies, including hardsuit systems, weapons, and synthetic enemies like the geth. Tech talents are deployed with omni-tools.


In games of the original Mass Effect trilogy, the three playable tech classes are Engineers, Infiltrators, and Sentinels. Engineers focus purely on tech abilities but are less proficient with weapons, while Infiltrators and Sentinels split their focus between tech and combat or biotics respectively. In Mass Effect: Andromeda the class system has been replaced by Profiles but many of these still correspond to the traditional six classes.

Tech Abilities[]

Mass Effect[]

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Tech abilities are particularly useful in Mass Effect due to the large number of synthetic and shielded enemies encountered. Tech talents range from disabling enemy shields and weapons, to hacking a synthetic to turn on its own kind, to restoring the health of party members. High level tech abilities allow more complex doors, crates, and computer systems to be accessed, and can also reinforce the Mako's shields. In Mass Effect, both enemies, allies, and the player can have tech resistance that reduces the damage, duration, and effectiveness of tech abilities; tech resistance is most commonly provided through armor. Advanced omni-tools can be equipped by certain classes to further enhance tech abilities.

Note: (S) = Starting, (U) = Unlockable

Mass Effect Galaxy[]

Note: (S) = Starting, (U) = Unlockable

Mass Effect 2[]

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In Mass Effect 2, tech abilities have been overhauled and, in some cases they have been given multiple functionalities once leveled up. Several new abilities have been introduced, including some that can be used as highly damaging alternatives to weapons for dispatching enemies. The tech-specialized classes also now have unique powers that allow them to deploy controllable drones to harass enemies, go invisible, or throw up a damage-absorbing extra shield.

While synthetic enemies are less prevalent overall compared to Mass Effect, shields are as ubiquitous as ever especially on higher difficulties. In Mass Effect 2 many powers can't affect enemies unless any shields or other protection layers have been removed, making the ability to strip shields with an ability cast much more valuable. However, new types of protection layers that aren't as vulnerable to anti-shield abilities have been introduced in the form of armor and barriers. It is no longer required to increase a particular tech ability in order to hack game-world objects.

Note: (S) = Starting, (U) = Unlockable, (L) = Loyalty Achieved, (AT) = Advanced Training

Mass Effect 3[]

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Tech abilities in Mass Effect 3 are just as important as in the previous game for their ability to destroy shields, and the powers that can do so now also work against barriers as well. Synthetics are faced less often in single-player but the ability to hack them is as useful as ever, and the Mass Effect 2 requirement that synthetics have all defenses removed before they can be hacked is gone. Also, tech powers now have an increased ability to disable enemies of all types, and many can stun unprotected foes with electrocution effects.

The addition of Power Combos gives most powers in Mass Effect 3 an added dimension as most have some capability to either set up or trigger combo explosions against enemies. This makes such powers, including tech powers, still useful even against enemies that aren't shielded or synthetic. The introduction of a multiplayer mode also sees the addition of many new and unique tech powers usable by various multiplayer classes.

Note: (S) = Starting, (AT) = Advanced Training, (MP) = Multiplayer

Mass Effect: Infiltrator[]

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Mass Effect: Andromeda[]

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