Location: Andromeda / Heleus Cluster / Nol / Voeld

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Techiix is an angaran daar on Voeld. Techiix is the largest settlement on the planet and is home to hundreds of angara.

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The following Priority Ops missions take place or are acquired in Techiix:

  • None

The following Allies and Relationships missions take place or are acquired in Techiix:

The following Heleus Assignments missions take place or are acquired in Techiix:

The following Additional Tasks take place or are acquired in Techiix:

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Found on a datapad in Ari Vasjek's workshop:

Dispatch: Akksul
I've received reports of sporadic raiding parties from the kett on Havarl. I want patrols stationed outside Thaldyr's residence at all times. No excuses.



Archived Message: Dumpling help! (From Niilj)
Need help with yanjem's sweet dumplings. My batter's lumpy and runny at the same time. I'm not sure what's wrong. I followed the formula exactly, except I substituted ground ushaaf because I don't think jagem flour agrees with me. Then I added some aged tavum at the last stage. Needed some punch, I thought. That's when everything seized up, so I put it through a mill and then boiled it. Now it's like this.

I don't understand.

Message from the Resistance
Translated from Shelesh:


Due to the horrific attack on Eroesk, I'm instructing all daar leaders to be prepared to accept refugees. Please let Mariv know to make the survivors his top priority. They've seen the loss of their homes, their families—the least we can do is give them a safe space.

I'll send a supply donation from Aya to help with your extra costs. Thank you for your kindness and cooperation.

-Commander Anjik Do Xeel

Translated from Shelesh:

Paavoa, mama!

Nishya says I shouldn't bother you, but I'm sneaking a message to you in case you forgot about me. Is it very cold there? I'm happy it's warm here in the city. Did you get my drawing? Nishya says you keep people safe in Techiix, so I imagined you as a hero with a cloak made of stars.

I miss you so much. I hope you come back soon! Bring me a present! I love you!

Received Message: Do something! (From Skeot)
No one in Hjara available to search for Niilj. Commander Do Xeel's cautiousness is strange. Is she normally like that? Isn't Niilj one of her best agents?

Will you speak to her again? She might listen to you.

If not, I might have to do something myself.

Received Message: Working on it (From Anjik Do Xeel)
I am trying to find people to rescue Niilj. A recent kett push has cost us several top agents, your brother included. I can send more after him, but then run the risk of losing more. It is a delicate balance. Still, I have asked Evfra for advice and reinforcements, if he can spare them. He seems distracted by new developments on Aya, however.

Be strong.

Sent Message: Don't be stupid. (To Skeot)
Don't you dare do anything impulsive. I want you safe, and you're not ready to join the Resistance yet. You uncle and his team can look after themselves. We'll get them back, but we have to be smart about it.

Keep looking around for help. Someone will come by. In the meantime, I will speak to the commander again.

Tell me you're okay
Translated from Shelesh:

I dreamed last night that the kett took you from me. It's been the same thing every night since you left—nightmares are all my mind can give me.

I'm not sure how much longer I can do this. Even in a paradise like Aya, I stay awake at night worried for you. I know you wanted to stay and complete your work, but is it really worth the danger? You can work here with me. Just come back to me, please.

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