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Disambiguous.png This article is about the starship in Mass Effect: Andromeda. For the weapon in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, see M-9 Tempest.
The Tempest

The Andromeda Initiative Survey Ship Tempest is a scout ship used by the Pathfinder team to explore various worlds across the Heleus Cluster in the hope of finding suitable homes for Milky Way colonists in the Andromeda galaxy. Between missions, Tempest is the Pathfinder team's home, and everything in it is state of the art.


The Tempest was originally one of several purpose-built ships for each ark's Pathfinder team. Kallo Jath was part of the team that designed and tested the Tempest and its prototype. Because the Initiative needed absolutely up-to-date technology for its construction, some of it were procured through dubiously legal means.

When the Nexus struck the Scourge after arriving in the Heleus Cluster, the other Pathfinder ships were destroyed, making the Tempest one of a kind. Before the arrival of Ark Hyperion, Nexus leadership had planned to dismantle the Tempest for its parts, but Vetra Nyx protected the ship.

Internal Layout[]

Top-down schematic of the Tempest

The Tempest is divided into three decks, each with rooms whose functions are vital to the success of the Pathfinder's mission. Deck 1 is accessible via twin ramps from Deck 2. Going from Deck 2 to Deck 3 and vice versa can be accomplished via multiple access ladders or a cargo bay lift.

Research Room[]

Research Room

Practical applications of intel and samples gathered like upgrading weapons, armor, and the ND1 Nomad are done in the research room, supported by discoveries from the ship's tech and bio labs. It is situated at the ship's approximate center on Deck 2, between engineering at the aft and the tech and bio labs at the fore. Additionally, Strike Teams missions can be launched from a terminal in this room. This is the location of the Research Center on the Tempest.

The holographic projector table displays a representation of the location pertinent to the Pathfinder's next major course of action.

Tech Lab[]

Tech Lab

Technological items are sequestered and studied at the tech lab. It is located on Deck 2, just opposite the bio lab in the fore section of the ship.

Jaal Ama Darav establishes his quarters at the tech lab. Research ongoing here include comparative studies between angaran and Initiative tech and possible blended applications.

Bio Lab[]

Bio Lab

The bio lab has containment and analysis facilities for biological samples like plants and wildlife. It is located on Deck 2, just opposite the tech lab in the fore section of the ship.

Cora Harper takes care of the hydroponics in the lab during her downtime. The number of plants in hydroponics increases as a result of progression through the cluster.

Meeting Room[]

Meeting Room

The meeting room, situated toward the upper aft section of the Tempest, is a place to gather the crew or hold video conferences with the Nexus or other parties. It is the only chamber on Deck 1.



At the aft section of Deck 2 is the engineering room, housing the starship's drive core. Gil Brodie monitors here when he's not around other parts of the ship.



The Pathfinder team's armory, where weapons are stored while off-mission, is on Deck 3 aft section.

According to Kallo, there are secret compartments here. Vetra Nyx has appropriated this place for supply storage and other requisitions.

Med Bay[]

Med Bay

Another facility on Deck 3, the med bay has beds armed with a variety of medical equipment to diagnose and treat potential injuries. This is also the location where a Respec Station can be found. Dr. Lexi T'Perro can be found here when she's not on other parts of the ship.

Cargo Bay[]

Cargo Bay

The cargo bay on Deck 3 houses the ND1 Nomad scout rover. It opens up the underbelly of the Tempest to deploy the vehicle or the ground team itself on a ramp.

Other miscellaneous items in the cargo bay include a Forward Station and an inoperative EVA module regularly tinkered on by crew members.

Crew Quarters[]

Crew Quarters

The crew are housed in two wall-set two-man bunks in an area with ample space and greenery on Deck 3, below the bio lab. Adjacent to it is a bathroom with a two-shower system separate from the single toilet.

The Crew Info Board is found here. There's also space for a coffee machine and a desk for computer work on opposite sides.



The galley functions as the ship's kitchen and dining facility. An L-shaped seater with a table opposite the cooking area plus a couple of swivel chairs forms the room's structural arrangement.

The galley supplies start out as meager rations from what little the Nexus has to spare. As the team progresses through the cluster, it eventually becomes stocked with fresh produce from newly-founded outposts as well as newly-discovered trading partners.

Nakmor Drack claims the galley as his quarters upon joining the crew, though he can be found more often on other parts of the ship.

Pathfinder's Cabin[]

Pathfinder's Cabin

The Pathfinder's cabin is generally off-limits to the crew unless invited inside. It is the exclusive abode of the ship's commander. Amenities present include a sitting room, a music system, a wardrobe, display shelves for model ships, a window to (or a projection of) space taking up an entire side, and far larger living quarters compared to the crew's. It is on Deck 3, directly below the bridge.

SAM has a terminal next to the model ship displays. An e-mail terminal next to him can be used to access and acknowledge incoming messages. If a Space Hamster has been acquired, it can also be seen here on a transparent cage with ample food.



This is where the ship's pilot steers the ship and where the Pathfinder operates the navigational system, synced specifically to them. The foremost section of the ship on Deck 2, the bridge also has a wide viewing area displaying the universe ahead. Additionally the Galaxy Map and email terminal can be accessed from this location.

Escape Pods[]

Normally used for the purpose its name suggests, after Peebee joins the crew she adopts it as her own makeshift quarters. Her "pet" Remnant Observer, Poc, is usually kept here after its construction. The room is on Deck 2, beside the bridge.


This is where people disembark in facilities that can accommodate airlock interfaces. Prior to leaving the ship, the Pathfinder can customize their gear in the loadout station here. It is on Deck 2, opposite the escape pods.


The storage room in the Deck 3 aft section has been appropriated by Liam Kosta for his quarters. It has his worn-out sleeping couch prominent among other items.


The Tempest planetside

Owing to both the Citadel Council's restrictions on civilian vessels bearing military-grade weaponry, and the Initiative's own emphasis on peaceful exploration, the Tempest completely lacks any external armaments such as torpedo launchers or mass accelerator cannons. Heavy armour and a main gun were traded in the design phase for a vessel that is small, stealthy and fast, capable of both interstellar exploration and subtle infiltration in equal measure. With an IES stealth system derived from the technology first employed by the SSV Normandy, the Tempest can remain hidden from most forms of detection, while its superior speed and maneuverability make it easily able to evade any pursuing vessels should its presence be discovered.

The ship's engine is based on the arks' ODSY drive, recycling static energy buildup to power her systems. It took technicians weeks to miniaturize the design for the Tempest, along with several electrical shocks.

The Tempest is capable of covering 13 lightyears per day in FTL. Its size allows it to land on planets with little trouble, much like the SSV Normandy and unlike the larger Normandy SR-2. Four main thrusters provide its propulsion and it has four additional downward thrusters to stabilize its descent: two below the canard and two below the main wings. It is equipped with an array of scanners for determining groundside conditions before landing, along with a dedicated probe bay to help it pinpoint anomalies both in space and on the ground.

The "glass" onboard the ship is composed of a clear oxide and nanofiber compound, and will bend rather than break. Stress-testing the material involved three drunk krogan and a C-Sec battering ram.


Kallo Jath
Test pilot and the only one of the team who departed for Andromeda.
Lucille Diawara
Lead designer. She broke her back during construction, forcing her to convert a construction mech into a wearable rig. Prior to the Initiative's voyage she glued her rig into the armory (her artist signature) and set it up so that an audio log from her activates once a SAM unit scans the 70-kilo rig.
Lucille seemed to be a fan of William Shakespeare, or more specifically, The Tempest.
Systems designer. He installed the ship's nav array, which took him a dozen spacewalks to perform. His teammates pranked him one time by messing with his power distribution model when he forgot to lock his terminal: for two days he was convinced turning on all the bathroom lights would overload the engine core. Remembered by Kallo arguing equations with Teon one time.
Debugger, remembered by Kallo to be stumped on code line 2281. Worked with Teon for weeks to fit an ODSY drive into the Tempest's smaller profile. She still used her former bondmate's perfume years after they separated.
Teon'Adda vas Moreh
Quarian aerospace engineer who embroidered intricate patterns on his enviro suit. Resourceful enough to circumvent racism on Omega by using a memory foam glued to his enviro-suit to make a mold of the drive core components he wanted.



Priority Ops
Allies and Relationships
Heleus Assignments
Additional Tasks

†One or the other depending on completion of Stage a Rescue
††One or the other depending on completion of Helping Havarl's Scientists
DLC only


On Lexi's desk in the med bay:

You've got this

You don't need an old man a few hundred years your junior to tell you you're ready for this. I'll do it anyway, because I know it's true. You keep your Ryder safe and I'll do the same with mine.



  • In the crew quarters, there are two Plants vs. Zombies plush toys on one of the beds.
  • A small black and gold decal on either side of the aft hull identifies the ship as a "M90 SERIES CLASS A EXPLORATION VHCLE" with code 14K.BRCR 318 :O:
  • If playing the Deluxe or Super Deluxe editions, the pyjak obtained during the edition-exclusive side-mission Monkeys in Space can be found in random locations around the ship.
  • In an apparent nod to previous Mass Effect titles, a red and white decal on both sides of the aft hull provides the following information:

T103-5 N7
BL-RT 5.7L / V8
RLL1K35 / 833.R