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A short-lived species commonly regarded as vermin, the vorcha have done little to dispel this image. Hailing from an obscure and unappealing planet, the vorcha have adapted to overcome, in myriad ways. Vorcha biology is unique in that they possess non-differentiated cells, which affords individual vorcha the ability to rapidly adapt and regenerate. For example, a vorcha placed into a high-gravity environment will develop a stronger heart and leg muscles to better suit their environment. The unpleasant vorcha homeworld has also resulted in a tight-knit, clannish society in which rival clans war for resources almost constantly. This emphasis on fighting has been taken to extreme levels, with combat on both the individual and group levels being the default form of communication among the vorcha. While the vorcha themselves have never attained the necessary level of technology to achieve space travel, their world has been visited by numerous ships, on which vorcha routinely stow away. Out in the wider galaxy, they routinely find employment among mercenary groups and other unsavory elements who place a high value on the vorcha's inherent aggression, large numbers, and rapid healing ability. more...

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