Saren using the Pistols talent.

Pistols is a talent that gives proficiency in small firearms that are held by one hand and is often held in a holster by the side of the corresponding leg. In Mass Effect pistols like many weapons are designed to be used by many species with a large grip area designed to be used be any manner of hand.

Many components of the weapon can be modified and changed for different effects including the ammunition.


These classes have access to the Pistols talent:

Talent tree

Increase your effectiveness with pistols including long range accuracy. Includes the Marksman ability which allows you to use pistols very accurately and with little kickback.

  • Expertise (P1)
  • Marksman (P2)
  • Accuracy (P2)
  • Extended Range (P3)
  • Improved Accuracy (P3)
  • Stability (P3)
  • Ultimate Marksmanship (PM)
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