Note: Usage of the "race" parameter is deprecated for Mass Effect 3 infobox enemies. Use "faction" instead.

{{Infobox enemy (ME3)
| image     = Image of enemy.

| name      = Name of enemy.
| faction   = "Cerberus", "Geth", "Reapers", "Collectors", or "CAT6"

| type      = "Organic", "Synthetic" or "Synthetic-Organic"

| armament  = Most enemies in Mass Effect 3 are equipped with the same
              weapons that Shepard uses. Use full weapon name only,
              preferably linked. e.g. M-300 Claymore. Use <br /> for more
              than one weapon.
| abilities = Specify a power from the Powers page separated by a comma with
              no space afterwards. e.g. 'Combat Drone,Reave,Warp'". If you
              need to add a new power, check Template:Power Details and add
              it in there.
| health    = Note: An enemy can only have either Health OR Armor, and/or
              Shields OR Barriers.
              Use "High", "Moderate", "Low" or "None". "Very High" is
              reserved for bosses. 
| armor     = As above.

| shields   = As above.

| barriers  = As above.

| locations = If the location (planets, space stations, etc) names are known,
              put them in here.

Blank Values

Type in this:

{{Infobox enemy (ME3)
| image     =
| name      =
| faction   =
| type      =
| armament  =
| abilities =
| health    =
| armor     =
| shields   =
| barriers  =
| locations =

To see this:

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