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Prerequisite: None


Applicable for missions, assignments, or game locations. Denotes what mission, assignment, or game mechanic precedes or happens concurrently with the article subject as a direct result of progression.

The first variable is automatically given square brackets for in-wiki linking.

{{Prerequisite|Prologue: Find the Beacon}}

Link masking can be done by adding another pipe | to display the second variable linking to the first, and a third one | to display the unlinked third variable.

{{Prerequisite|Morality|75% Morality|(Mass Effect)}}

The space between the second and third pipes can be empty of variables.

{{Prerequisite|Horizon (mission)||(Mass Effect 2)}}

Multiple invocations in an article are allowed if the article subject can be acquired in multiple games or if it has another set of requirements.

Use with caution if mission/assignment acquisition method requires in-depth explanation.