MEA Journal - Kadara
An exile named Derc hired youto check in on a missing surveyor, who was collecting baryte samples in Draullir.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to Derc in the Tartarus nightclub in the Kadara Slums. He sits in the corner on the bottom floor marked with a MEA New Mission Map Icon.

Walkthrough Edit

Speaking to Derc, Derc asks if Ryder wants to make some easy credits. A surveyor that he sent out hasn't returned and Derc wants to know what happened. Note: No credits are given as a reward despite what Derc states during the conversation.

Travel to the surveyor's last known location in Draullir Edit

The navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconleads to a big cave system in the Draullir region. Someone has set up floodlights powered by generators - too much for one surveyor to carry. There are three datapads, a number of mineral nodes, and multiple lootable containers located throughout the cave system. Note: This does not include The Collective Base portion of the cave explored during The Charlatan's Charlatan.

Whoever turned off the lights...
Along the way is a datapad.

Is an asshole. Nearly broke my toe searching for the generator.


Report: Generators
The damn generators are fixed. Again.


This datapad is located near the corpse high up on a column of rock on a small wooden shelf with a Titanium mineral node next to the datapad.

Personal Log: Nebar
New Entry: Found the perfect site to take a Baryte sample for Derc. A little high up, but I've got steady feet.


Eventually you will find the surveyor's corpse. There are some Rylkors and Wild Adhis in the cave near the corpse.

Scan surveyor's corpse Edit

The surveyor apparently broke his neck from a fall. Scan the corpse and SAM downloads the collected data to deliver to Derc.

Note: The mission The Collective Base can be started in this same cave system before going back to Derc. Exploring the cave further, you come upon a door. Opening it, an asari named Lynx says the Charlatan wants Ryder alive. So this is who set up those floodlights.

The Collective Base is NOT available if High Noon is completed first and Ryder sides with Sloane Kelly; the base will instead be open and occupied by enemies.

Return to Derc Edit

Ryder reports what happened and gives the baryte samples data to Derc.

Rewards Edit

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