MEA Journal - Kadara
You've learned that the Collective built a hideout deep within one of the cave networks in Draullir.

Acquisition Edit

Go through the door deep inside the cave system in the mission The Baryte Rush on Kadara. The conversation with Lynx starts the mission. Note: This mission is NOT available if High Noon is completed first and you side with Sloane Kelly, the base will instead be open and occupied by enemies.

Walkthrough Edit

Speak to Crux Edit

Crux is the leader of the base and has a problem with someone who is faking the Charlatan's orders - giving bad intel. It has already gotten two recruits killed. Crux asks Ryder for help to subtly find out the guilty party. It's one of the people in the base.

When the conversation is over, the mission completes and the follow-up mission The Charlatan's Charlatan starts automatically.

Reward Edit

Trivia Edit

  • On one of the pillars at the bottom of the base there's a "Mysterious Button" with a nearby salarian worker who gets increasingly annoyed if the button is repeatedly pushed despite his admonitions not to. After a lot of repeated pushing he reveals there's a 50/50 chance of electrocuting a prisoner on the base every time the button is pushed, then if pressed one last time he says it doesn't actually work. On Priority: Sur'Kesh in Mass Effect 3 there's a similar setup with an STG agent at the beginning of the mission regarding a feces analyzer if Commander Shepard also repeatedly pushes a button beside the agent.
  • The mission name appears to be a play on the Collector Base location in Mass Effect 2.
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