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When the Initiative arrived in Heleus, they thought their golden worlds were lost. As Pathfinder, you restored the pioneer dream, and brought every available world to 100% viability. Now everyone wants to show you what that effort has earned.

Acquisition Edit

This mission can only be acquired after the previous one has been completed and Eos, Voeld, Havarl, Kadara, and Elaaden have all reached 100% viability. SAM will tell you that there's an important communication at the Tempest vidcon.

Walkthrough Edit

Access message on Tempest vidcon Edit

Oddly, there's no actual call available. Instead, SAM informs Ryder that they now have a new mission objective at Habitat 7. He's not permitted to tell Ryder what it is, but warns Ryder not to be late. Note: There's no actual timer associated with the mission.

Return to Habitat 7 in Eriksson System Edit

Immediately after the Tempest enters orbit around Habitat 7 in the Eriksson system, a cutscene begins. Kallo Jath notices Initiative terraforming equipment in place around the planet. While Habitat 7's Vault is damaged and useless, the world can still be made viable, although it will take many years.

SAM opens communications channels to Initiative settlements around the Heleus Cluster, and informs Ryder that Habitat 7 has been renamed. By unanimous vote, the world will now be known as "Ryder-I". Cue applause from all the settlements over the comm.

Note: The planet's name does not actually change on the Galaxy Map.

Rewards Edit

  • None
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