Theia Station is an Andromeda Initiative space station located in the Sol system. Bought from volus station-flippers, it was originally an ancient quarian low-orbit station left derelict after the Geth War.

Background Edit

As a testament to quarian engineering, Theia Station is in pristine shape. The hull is unblemished despite the years it spent unprotected by mass effect fields. Its infrastructure is Citadel-standard and clean, although everything is slightly tilted off by human standards. Every pipe and conduit has decorative plant and water-themed filigrees. Its interior is built in a way such that acoustics are amplified rather than dampened, resulting in echoing ambient noise. Clear carbon-fiber "glass" windows are slightly convex with an off-center focal point that drew the gaze back to the station rather than out toward space, indicative of the ancient quarians' mindset that living in space still depended on good people and hardware.

Known station facilities include a medbay, residence apartments, laboratories, a conference room for department teams, at least 3 hangar pads, a biotiball simulator, a paramilitary unit level, and a mostly unused level 5 senior staff-only gym.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Initiation Edit

Theia Station serves as one of Cora Harper's two pit stops in between her mission to retrieve Ryder's stolen artificial intelligence kernel. While Cora is heading out to the Attican Traverse chasing after thieves, back at the station Ryder plots with cybersecurity head Dr. Wei Udensi to investigate other leads. The theft happened one day onboard the station when Ryder came to his lab to find half the terminals damaged while all cameras and sensor arrays were running on a loop, which leads Ryder to suspect an inside job. Wei's digging uncovers no suspect insiders, but provides enough of a trail to UNIN politician Alis Silhaus for Ryder to follow up.

After the resolution of the data theft mess, Ryder attempts to convince Cora to truly commit to the Initiative at the level 5 gym.

Known Personnel Edit

  • Del and Par - two individuals sleeping together who are assigned at Human Resources and Armory, respectively.
  • Dr. Wei Udensi - 6'5" convivial Chinese-Nigerian head of cybersecurity, slated to become head of Adaptive Technologies upon arrival on Andromeda. Finds the lead pointing to Alis Silhaus and helps Ryder break through her "busy" schedule by hacking his appointment in. Ryder rewards him with a six-pack of his favorite beer, although he wants an entire keg for further upcoming favors.
  • Magreb - female Drive Core Tech Chief who has an amicable friendship with Dr. Udensi but an adversarial one with Ryder.
  • Salome - a tech who once tinkered with SAM's language heuristics so he would snort like a pig and she could make jokes about spam.

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