Thugs are enemies commonly encountered across the galaxy. They are often hired guns and often don't have armor, but have shield generators and are typically armed with Assault Rifles, Shotguns, or Pistols.

During the mission to expose Saren, Shepard encounters some thugs trying to intimidate Dr. Chloe Michel from telling Garrus about the quarian that had recently visited the clinic. However Shepard enters as they are "talking", and one of the Thugs takes Dr. Michel hostage. Garrus then kills the thug and Shepard and the squad assist in taking out the remaining thugs.

Thugs are again encountered during the assault on Chora's Den. Fist had apparently hired some thugs to defend him from Shepard, but they are all killed in the attempt to defend the bar against Shepard's assault.

Tactics Edit

  • Because Thugs possess little shielding or health, taking them down is quite easy. However, because they're usually encountered in groups, be careful not come under crossfire: their guns are no weaker than usual and concentrated fire will quickly bring you and companions down.
  • At least some of them can slowly regenerate health and like all other ME enemies their shields recover after several seconds. They take cover very often to take advantage of this, so the player often has to eliminate their cover or force them out. Because of their low shields and lack of abilities, tech powers aren't needed for debuffing, but are a useful damage dealer when they're in cover.
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