Tiptree was a small human colony that was attacked by a small Reaper force. An asari commando unit was dispatched to evacuate it shortly after the Reaper invasion began in 2186, gathering colonists from across the continent as husks and marauder scouts were landed. Most of the team was destroyed.

A survivor of the asari team, Aeian T'Goni, developed post-traumatic stress disorder after witnessing the slaughter of human farmers by Neaira, a fellow asari commando who had been turned into a banshee during the evacuation. While Neaira slaughtered the farmers, an unarmed Aeian escaped to the hills with a human girl named Hilary, who told T'Goni she wants to be a pilot, and whom T'Goni judged to be "maybe 15". The other surviving humans in the colony were rounded up by Reaper forces and held prisoner at a farmhouse. Hilary attempted to free them, but the captives had been indoctrinated and turned on her, so T'Goni was forced to kill them to prevent them from becoming husks or indoctrinated infiltrators. She was also forced to kill Hilary, whose whimpering after breaking her leg threatened to give away their hiding spot.

Several evacuation ships carrying mostly children that had been sent off world by their parents before the attack were able to flee Tiptree, arriving at salarian colonies.

Tiptree was the home planet of Joker and the current residence of his father and 15-year-old sister Hilary.


  • Tiptree's only in-game appearance is in a hologram that Joker pulls up in Mass Effect 3. The hologram also shows what appears to be a large moon around the planet.
  • Writer Patrick Weekes revealed in a Twitter conversation that the Hilary Aeian killed was in fact Joker's younger sister.
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