The Tomkah is a large infantry fighting vehicle fielded by the krogan on Tuchanka. It is outwardly similar to the Alliance M35 Mako and M29 Grizzly, although it is considerably larger (to house the much larger krogan), standing almost twice as high as a standard Alliance IFV. Its only visible armament is a large double-barreled turret resting on the top of the vehicle, most likely a mass accelerator. Its armor is strong enough to withstand a ten-ton bomb.

Vital to the tomkah's operation is a part called the combustion manifold. The vehicle can run without it, but mechanics are very reluctant to deploy affected vehicles out in the field. Creating a replacement takes some three days' worth of work.

Trivia Edit

  • The Tomkah may be named after Tonka Trucks, a line of American toy construction vehicles dating back to the middle of the 20th century. The wheels on the Tomkah are mammoth, in scale to the rest of the vehicle, like the Tonka trucks. Tonka is the Dakota-Sioux word for "big" or "great", which accurately describes the Tomkah.
  • According to The Art of the Mass Effect Universe, the vehicle that became the Tomkah in Mass Effect 2 was originally a rejected design for the M35 Mako in Mass Effect.
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