Tonn Actus is a turian pirate and profiteer who specialises in collecting krogan armor and artifacts, especially anything from the Krogan Rebellions. Wrex hates him because Wrex's family armor, passed down from generation to generation, is part of Actus' collection.

Wrex had planned to look for Actus in the Argos Rho cluster to recover his armor and kill the pirate personally, but Actus had several bases scattered around and Wrex's travels with Commander Shepard delayed his search. His best lead is the planet Tuntau in the Phoenix system. Shepard can volunteer to go to Tuntau and recover the armor from Actus in his hidden base. Actus is eventually killed in the firefight, allowing Wrex to retrieve his armor.

Tactics Edit

  • Tonn Actus has between three and four bars of shielding; as is the case with all Mass Effect enemies, it will regenerate over time. His health also regenerates and he will often use Immunity as well as Shield Boost. He can take cover quite often and flank you if given the chance to do so. However, neither he nor his men will ever leave the room they're in, allowing you to safely retreat back to the entrance chamber.
  • Tonn Actus is equipped with an assault rifle and a shotgun, although due to the cramped surroundings of the room he will only equip the assault rifle if you disable the shotgun with Sabotage. He can also launch Carnage from his shotgun, which is difficult to dodge in that area.
  • Short-range stunning abilities like Lift, Throw and Neural Shock work well during that engagement. Sabotage and Damping are also helpful to disable their abilities and force them to switch weapons.
  • Actus is always positioned on the top balcony, conveniently near a fuel tank, without Immunity on, at the beginning of the fight. Using Sabotage or Overload will severely damage or kill him instantly, making the fight much easier. As an added bonus, the blast will usually kill the snipers that would otherwise bother you. Failing that, just shoot the tank to get the same results.
  • If Wrex is around, he'll helpfully point out which one of the mercs is Actus. He'll usually join the fight once several mercs have been killed.
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