Torfan is a small moon that served as base for criminals, mostly batarians, who built strongholds deep underground. In retaliation for the Skyllian Blitz, the Systems Alliance raided Torfan in 2178. Though the Alliance took heavy losses, the enemy was completely annihilated. After Torfan, the batarians began retreating from Citadel space.

Mass Effect Edit

If Commander Shepard has the Ruthless background, the Commander's reputation was cemented at Torfan. Shepard pursued the batarians and wiped them out, even those who surrendered, at the cost of many lives from the Commander's own unit. This earned Shepard the epithet "Butcher of Torfan". Major Kyle, Shepard's commanding officer at Torfan, couldn't handle the loss of so many Marines and was eventually given an honorable discharge, later becoming the leader of a biotic commune.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

After the death of Commander Shepard in 2183, the Shepard Memorial Flame is placed on Torfan as a monument to the Commander. There are some attempts to extinguish the flame in protest of the Commander's questionable actions there, and following the Commander's return in 2185, the frequency of these attempts increases.

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