Torthak is a batarian warlord operating in the Terminus Systems.

The heavily-scarred Torthak has been hearing about two humans asking around for Commander Shepard from one of his associates when the associate's underlings dump one of the humans, Miranda Lawson, into his presence. He takes the opportunity to stab the ruddy associate in the back, ensuring his ascendancy to leadership of the local district.

Turning to Miranda, he ponders what to do with the captive when she graces him with a reply. As Torthak crouches to turn the human she surprises him with a headbutt. He easily subdues her, bragging about his fortitude while groping the woman in place. One of his new grunts, Taleed, arrives on the scene. Torthak, recognizing the man's use, puts him to work.

It is later made clear that Miranda wouldn't give up anything, so Torthak orders Taleed to dispose of her and leave the corpse somewhere conspicuous; he doesn't want her friends snooping around his territory. Miranda insults his unwillingness to kill her himself but Torthak is unfazed: he reasons he's killed plenty of women enough to know if they're just stalling. A flashbang explodes at the warehouse mere moments after Torthak exited the place, and the batarian avoids the shootout that follows.

He manages to hold a little girl hostage in front of Jacob Taylor and Miranda, blocking the humans and rescued slaves from escaping. Miranda once again insults his dirty tactics and while Torthak's attention is on her, Jacob shoots him in the chest. Torthak is left to die on the floor, listening to Miranda pointing out the irony of his actions.

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