Tortuga is a planet located in the Nemean Abyss. Much like the infamous Tortuga of the 17th century, it acts as a place for pirates, thieves, smugglers, and slavers to drink, boast and barter. It seems to have some level of development, with a surface mission in Mass Effect Galaxy taking place in a city. Tortuga appears to be one of the more heavily guarded planets in the Nemean Abyss, compared to worlds such as Bekke.

During the events of Mass Effect Galaxy, Jacob meets one of Miranda Lawson's contacts on Tortuga, a salarian named Ish. Ish gives Jacob the access codes for a compound belonging to Illo Nazario, a turian arms dealer with links to the batarians.

When Jacob reaches Nazario, he is deathly ill, as the batarians have used him to test a weaponized virus. Jacob assembles a cure with the help of Nax and Batha and gives it to Nazario. In exchange, Jacob receives the information that Jath'Amon is the true mastermind behind the planned batarian attack on the citadel.

Mission Edit

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