MEA Journal - Aya
Sohkaa Esof's supplier was killed by kett, but you recovered the lost shipment—weapons intended for the Resistance. Take the shipment back to Sohkaa on Aya.

Acquisition Edit

Talk to Sohkaa Esof (marked with aMEA New Mission Map Icon) on Aya Docks and accept his request. This can be done during Pathfinder Ryder's first visit.

Walkthrough Edit

Meet the Resistance leader on Voeld Edit

Find Anjik Do Xeel in the Angaran Resistance Base on Voeld and talk to her. She directs you to the lookouts outside of the base.

Speak to the Resistance lookout Edit

Talk to Beniska and Tseek outside the base. The lookouts update you on the situation on Voeld.

Search Sohkaa's navpoint on Voeld for the missing supplier Edit

There is a Forward Station to the east of Hjara Station to fast travel to the region with the navpoint MEA Tracked Objective Map Icon. Just to the southwest of the forward station is the navpoint location. Head to the navpoint and at the navpoint is an abandoned camp.

Investigate the supply camp Edit

Investigate the camp by scanning the Angara Corpse, Scorch Marks (+10 Rd icon milkyway orange), and Supply Crates (+10 Rd icon heleus orange) to discover that the camp and supplier have been attacked by kett. A kett airship flies in, ambushing Ryder.

Defeat the kett ambush Edit

A number of Chosen and an Anointed will drop in; clear them out. Remember that your life support is still dropping from the cold hazard.

Recover the supplies Edit

Interact with the container to retrieve the Angaran Resistance Supplies.

Deliver the weapons to Sohkaa Esof on Aya Edit

Return to Aya and speak to Sohkaa at the Docks. The conversation with Sohkaa reveals the purpose of this mission. After the conversation, the mission is completed, and Sohkaa Esof will open his inventory as a merchant.

Rewards Edit

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