The vermin on Tuchanka are getting into the food stores and need to be dealt with.

Acquisiton Edit

While on Tuchanka, speak with the shopkeeper Ratch in the Urdnot Camp. He can be found at Ratch's Wares on the map.

Walkthrough Edit


Use the Defense Gun Controls located next to the Chief Scout of Urdnot Camp. You must attempt to shoot all of the pyjaks in each wave without running out of ammunition, which is displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the HUD. The targeting reticule is moved using the move and strafe control stick, and firing is done by pressing the Use / Cover / Sprint button.

There are two guns, one mounted on each side of the range. The pyjaks run through the field of old tires towards you. If a pyjak reaches the bottom of the screen, it will steal some of the food stores, represented by a red bar beneath the ammunition display.

There is a slight delay between pressing the fire button and the rocket being fired, which also takes time to reach the ground. The rocket will hit wherever the targeting reticule was when the rocket left the defense guns, which is not necessarily where it was when the fire button was pressed if the reticule is in motion. Each shot has a moderate blast radius, making targeting somewhat forgiving while also making it possible to kill two pyjaks at once. Take note however that no more than two appear on the field at any given time.

There is a very small chance the weapon will fail to fire, forcing the you to take aim and fire again.

Once three waves of pyjaks have been dealt with, a message on-screen will inform the player that the assignment has been completed. Return to Ratch. After completing the assignment, the mini-game can be played again as many times as you like, although there is no reward for doing so.

Mission Summary Edit

  • Experience Points: 40 (50)
  • Discount at Ratch's Wares
  • Pyjak meat available for purchase at Ratch's Wares

Trivia Edit

  • If Shepard purchases the mentioned pyjak meat from Ratch's Wares, and feeds it to Urz, Urz will follow Shepard around on Tuchanka. You can then use Urz for varren fighting. Urz has a high winning probability, although Urz can still lose, in which case you will need to leave and return to the planet to be able to bet on Urz again (alternatively, you can take the tedious route of saving-before-betting-and-reloading-if-Urz-loses).
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