Missing Scout Urdnot Darg

The chief scout for clan Urdnot recently sent a scout into Weyrloc territory. Unfortunately, the scout has gone missing.


Prerequisite: Mordin: Old Blood

Talk to the chief scout next to the pyjak shooting range before accepting Mordin's loyalty mission.

Walkthrough Edit

Commander Shepard encounters the scout in a holding cell in the process of completing Mordin Solus's loyalty mission. The scout has been subjected to experiments by a former student of Mordin's. He refuses to leave with Shepard, stating that he must stay so that a cure for the genophage can be found.

Shepard can convince the krogan to go back to the city, either using Intimidate (+7 Renegade and +2 Paragon points) or Charm (+11 Paragon points) for a quick resolution, or standard responses for a slower conclusion. Whatever the method used, the missing scout will roar back to life and escape the base, completing the assignment. However, lying to the krogan will make him attack, forcing Shepard to kill him.

Emails Edit

Later, the scout, named Urdnot Darg, will send an e-mail message entitled Back from female camp to Commander Shepard:

Dear Human,

The clan leader told me how to get in touch with you. I don't remember much of what happened, but the chief scout said you pulled my quad out of the fire when I got caught and poisoned over at the Weyrloc camp. Thanks. Next time I have a chance to kill a human, I won't. Unless I go into blood rage or something.

I got to go to the female camp after I recovered, and it was pretty good. I was actually thinking of joining the Blood Pack before this happened. I think I'm going to stay here instead.

- Urdnot Darg, Scout - Second Class

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