An unnamed turian is the main enemy of Randall Ezno during a capture mission on an ice planet.

Capture Edit

After a fight on an ice planet against Randall Ezno, a top Cerberus operative, the unnamed turian is beaten. Randall taunts him by saying that he is not Archangel. The turian is then captured and taken into a secret facility. He becomes a test subject for Cerberus scientists.

Tactics Edit

  • The unnamed turian possesses considerable health and a high layer of shielding. Like with other enemies in the game, his shielding will regenerate over time.
  • The turian will often take cover during the firefight, and tends not to come out unless you're in his line of sight. This allows you to wait out behind cover for your powers to recharge without being disturbed. If necessary, using Pull will flush him out of cover.
  • Like other humanoid enemies in the game, he is vulnerable to headshots, receiving bonus damage when shot there.

Escape Edit

After being captured and taken to the Barn for experiments, the actions of Randall and his Volus ally released all of the test subjects. During the rebellion of his former hunter, The facility is in a bedlaman and an alarm sounds in his cell. The restraints of the turian fall away. He feels his strength returning and grabs a weapon to try an escape from the Cerberus base.

He fights his way past Cerberus troops and other escaped test subjects, culminating in a confrontation with an Ogre Mech and an endless supply of Orcus Mechs.

Eventually the turian reaches a large, empty room. Upon moving to the far wall, the turian sees the Director of the facility and several Cerberus personnel on the other side of a window. The Director laughs at the turian as a turret deploys in the room. With no available cover, the view fades to black. There's no escape for him.

Weapons Edit

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The turian uses a specific version of the M-37 Falcon that can't be upgraded.

Abilities Edit

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The turian can use a wide variety of Tech and combat abilities that can't be upgraded.

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