Turian Bodyguards are turians that serve to protect Jax when he is engaging in business transactions with potential buyers.

After speaking with Chellick about Jax and the weapon mods, Shepard heads down to the Markets. When meeting with Jax, Shepard has the option to let Jax go and give him the money; otherwise, Shepard can either threaten to arrest him or simply refuse to pay. In both cases Shepard will take out a gun but can still back down by saying "Just kidding", which makes Jax and the bodyguards leave. Otherwise, there is a firefight with him and the two bodyguards.

Tactics Edit

  • Turian bodyguards have two to three bars of shielding depending on the difficulty. As is the case with all Mass Effect enemies, it will regenerate over time. Their health also regenerates and they will actively use cover around the room.
  • Bodyguards are equipped with assault rifles and shotguns, and will switch their weapons depending on the range. Unlike geth troops, using Sabotage will merely make them switch to their other weapon and not leave them completely defenceless.
  • These turians never leave the confines of their room. If the player retreats to the staircase, they won't ever follow, unlike their employer. This makes it possible to lure Jax off and deal with them later.
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