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Turian Snipers are turian troops equipped with sniper rifles and specialized for long-range engagements.

They are first encountered by the Randall Ezno during the mission to recover a turian target. They are also part of the turian's raid, presumably sent by the Turian Hierarchy, on the Barn space station, a Cerberus base.


  • Turian snipers have low health, and possess a weak layer of shielding on top, which will regenerate over time. This fragility is offset by their high damage output.
  • Turian Snipers will often sit behind cover, popping out only to take a shot. Using Pull will bring them into the open.
  • Like other humanoid enemies in the game, they're vulnerable to headshots, which will inflict bonus damage to them.
  • Sniper rifles are very powerful, and since the game doesn't display your health, it is possible to suddenly get killed with a single shot.
  • Snipers' shots are always preceded by red targeting beams. When you see one appear, either dive into cover or use Slide to avoid it.