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A Turret is a defense installation positioned near a main structure or a key defense point. Turrets are in use by pirate bands, mercenary groups, terrorist groups, and professional military forces around the galaxy. In Mass Effect, Turrets are a particular type of stationary defense installation that can be found guarding bases on planets like Binthu.

Tactics Edit

  • Turrets possess very high health and six bars of shielding, making them very durable. As is the case with all ME enemies, their shields regenerate over time.
  • Fighting them in Mako is relatively easy, because they're large stationary targets and it only takes a couple of shots from the main gun and several machine gun bursts to destroy them. While their missiles are quite damaging to Mako, they don't travel very fast and thus can be easily dodged. However, you will get less experience if you do that.
  • If you are going to fight them on foot, then keep on the move because just one shot will usually kill you and they possess considerable AoE. Also because Turrets have a habit of firing so that multiple shots that all impact around the same time, try to approach one turret at the time. The best way to fight them on foot is to whittle them down while you are inside the Mako, then exit and destroy them on foot for the exp bonus.
  • Turrets can be overheated with Sabotage, preventing them from firing for about ten seconds and allowing you to attack them with impunity.
  • If you have Master Hacking, it is possible to hack one of the turrets and turn it against the others. You will get the same experience as if it was an "on-foot" kill.
  • Also note that because these Turrets are stationary targets, kinetic-based biotics are useless against them. Only powers like Warp are effective.
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